Avoid Fires with Dryer Vent Cleaning Maintenance

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According to consumer and fire agency reports, most homeowners do not know about dryer vent cleaning. In the US, the annual statistics of structural fires is above 15000, deaths 50 and injuries 350. In yet another report, property worth over 100 million dollars is destroyed yearly due to dryer fires. This can be avoided. The number one cause of dryer fire hazards is simply the failure to clean the vent system.

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As a preventive measure, homeowners without insurance policy should find economical if they maintain a cleaning schedule for their dryers. At all times, it is necessary to read through the manufacturers’ instructions regarding the maintenance of appliances for safety purposes. When the dryer is in use, the clothes produced a large amount of lint material. The reason you need to clean the lint filter or trap regularly is because lint is a highly flammable material. If lint passes through the filter or trap, it goes to the vent and eventually ends up on the heater.

People assume that cleaning the dryer lint filter or trap is the only maintenance requirement. Sadly, lint produced when drying your clothes can end up in the vent system. When lint builds up in the vents the dryer gets clogged, and this leads to the rise of temperature in the system. The malfunction prevents the vent system from exhausting properly. When the dryer overheats, it ignites the lint leading to potentially dangerous fire outbreaks. You also risk reducing the life of your dryer through premature breakdowns and thermal wear. The debris from the corrosion piles up together with lint accumulated in the vent.

By checking the efficiency of your dryer, you will be able to identify the possibility of lint clogging. Your dryer is falling and needs immediate attention if:

• your clothes take longer drying periods
• its surface becomes unusually hot or the clothes are equally hot at the end of the drying cycle
• you can smell burnt odor in your laundry room

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You can easily avoid fires with dryer vent cleaning maintenance. Consulting a professional dryer vent is the right action to take when you find it hard to access inner parts of the vent system. Disassembling a dryer can negatively affect its efficiency, the reason why you need the help of a professional. The dryer should maintain original state of operation. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the dryer can save you the cost of repair and utility bills.

Apart from the vents, you will also need to check the exhaust pipes, this can be a bit messy. At the same time, another check can be made to ensure that there are no tears and breakages. In some instances, faulty appliances can be a source of heat. External sources such as mechanical and electrical failures produce sparks which can easily ignite lint. The dryer also contains plastic and vinyl transition ducts which need to be replaced with semi-rigid metal transition duct.

Really dirty duct
Really Dirty Duct Vent needing cleaning

The design and layout of your dryer system installation can hinder access to the vent system during the cleaning process. Some homeowners find the dryer vent cleaning process very cumbersome and time-consuming. In such situations, it is more convenient and well worth it to get help from a professional. The more you use your dryer, the more often you should clean its vent system. This can be achieved with the aid of a qualified service provider.

You can get useful tips and instructions online to guide you on how clean the dryer regularly and properly. But to avoid fire hazards and obtain more dryer service, you need a professional touch in the cleaning process. Most professional duct cleaning and furnace cleaning companies offer dryer vent cleaning maintenance in their packages. By scheduling a dryer vent cleaning at least once in a year, you protect your family from potential fire hazards.

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