Frequently Asked Question About Duct and Furnace Cleaning

Dust and mold accumulate over time in your ventilation system contaminating the air you breathe in your house. Having professionals clean your ducts ensures the air in your house is clean and this prevents you and your family from disease, irritation and allergies caused by unclean air.

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We accept all modes of payments be it Visa, MasterCard, discover, Paypal, Debit and cash. In case you have other mode of payment, please let us know.

Duct cleaning improves the quality of indoor air. Cleaning removes contaminants that might have attached themselves on the ventilation system.

You can make reservations of duct and furnace cleaning services from Duct Guys.  You can get the procedure from our website.

Cleaning your duct every 2 to 3 years is recommended although if one member from your family suffers from Asthma, you should clean it as often as each year.

We accept all modes of payments including cash, Debit and Credit Cards.

You should make sure you choose professionals to handle the job.  A Company with relevant experience like Duct Guys can offer services that will satisfy you completely.

You should expect nothing but services that make you satisfied. Professional duct and Furnace cleaning company will leave your ducts thoroughly cleaned with clean breathing indoor air.

There are a number of things that can show how well the job was done but the most basic one is you should not see dust with your naked eyes.